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$3 / pg

Students, businesses, individuals always need a quick objective eye on their work. Our Special pricing allows students to prepare those essays for their instructors inscrutible eyes, businesses a second chance to find those mistakes that make us look unprofessional, and individuals who are writing freelance, novels, articles, etc. before submitting to publish. Take advantage of our $3.00 a page special for work under 10 pages for proofreading only. (Package work can be offered.) For more information email EditAlley@gmail.com  or call  1.682.253.4218

$5 / pg

Form Creation

Need forms fast? Most forms can be done in less than a day, often in an hour. Take advantage of our $5.00  page special for simple forms. (Package work can be offered.) For more information email EditAlley@gmail.com   or call  1.682.253.4218



Need a domain name? A simple, quick website to get you going? That's on the special! Take advantage of this special at $15.00 for one domain registration. (Registration depends on availablity.) For more information email EditAlley@gmail.com  or call  1.682.253.4218


Website, Server Space, Domains

Need a place to host your website? Host it with EditAlley! We provide a full range of web services, from registering your domain name, transferring your domain, to hosting your site, creating your site, and maintaining your site. Prices start at just $50 for a simple, one-page website. Prices for other services or even a package service combining all or several web services is available on request. For more information email EditAlley@gmail.com  or call 1.682.253.4218