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EditAlley.com offers a wide variety of services -- proofreading, critiquing, line editing, content editing, ESL, manuscript formatting, book formatting, publishing, promoting, as well as web design, form creation, maintenance, and hosting, SEO management, create Power Point presentations, and much more.

Since 2005, I and my team of editors have been providing services to the writing world. While I am the sole proprietor of EditAlley, I have a network of freelance writers, editors, designers, and webmasters ready to work for you. And if we can't get it done, we can refer you to another professional service to meet your needs.
Write without fear. Edit Without mercy.
The hardest thing in the world is perfection. 
Whether you need an editor, a proofreader, a graphic design artist, a webdesigner, an SEO guru, or a virtual assistant to answer your phones, schedule appointments, create or complete forms, balance your schedule, respond to emails, set up an email newsletter or a print newsletter, create brochures, pamplets, reports, a researcher, or one of the many opportunities you as a client might offer EditAlley, we promise to work with you, one-on-one, to become your best employee in whatever skillset your business requires.
Personal Attention 
  • Data Entry
  • Create reports
  • Edit/Copyedit/Proofread
  • Book Covers
  • Book Layout
  • Book Production
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Website creation, maintenance
  • Research
  • SPC analysis
  • SEO implementation
  • Data analysis/Data entry
  • Customer/Client Invoicing
  • Newsletters/Brochrues/Pamphlets
  • Training both virtual and live
  • & much more!
Client Participation

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Integrity is doing the right thing, ​even when no one is watching"
"My articles are a hit because you (Darlene) edited them magnificently. THANK YOU!!!" Dr. Vanessa S. O'Neal Author of "Grant Me The Money! The Practical Guide To Successful Grant Writing Practice" & founder of Families 4 Life, Inc.


 "Pat's involvement with my writing has been invaluable. Her patience, knowledge, and skill helped me craft better, more effective communication. She's simply a top-notch professional and wonderful to work with." ~ D. L. Young, author SOLDEDAD, JUAREZ SQUARE


”I would strongly state that Alley is a great editor and she is a person with dedication and commitment and returns my articles in a timely manner.” ​~ Kumar, university student & author in Sri Lanka


"Through her openness and eagerness, Darlene has the ability of stroking the right words for the exactness of thought."
~ Senator (Dr.) Wilbert Keon, Retired Cardiac Surgeon & Co-Founder of the Ottawa Hospital Heart Institute
"Alley has a real eye for detail and has helped me shape my writing into something clear and polished on more than one occasion.” ~ Shawn Scarber, fiction writer

"Pat Hauldren is a very capable editor. If you’ve written a manuscript which requires either a line-by-line edit, or merely a frank assessment of plot and/or characterization, then I can heartily recommend Ms. Hauldren. You will be a better author for the experience.” ~ Grace Roeber, fiction
 ”Alley is a skilled writer and a devoted project starter. She is an efficient leader and organizer. Her communication abilities are outstanding. She is a pleasure to work with and an excellent team leader.” ~ Paul Gregory, blogger ​ 

"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me."

Some of our clients include:

1st Health, LLC
Candace Havens
Crystal Wizard Publications
Habakkuk Circle Consulting LLC
Lachesis Publishing
Laurie Moore Mysteries
Macatti Barber College
New Century Publishing
Nicole LClerq
Search Guru, The
"We pride ourselves on our diverse client portfolio and believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important. We work closely with our clients to engender complete trust.  We see diversity as our strength, and this has ensured that we've been a practice of choice at EditAlley for more than 10 years. Our team has a great wealth of experience and we aim to make ourselves as clear and easy to understand as possible."

Spotlight on Services

  1. Businesses
    Advertising/marketing materials, “Americanization” services, blogs, brochures, educational / curriculum materials, financial / business documents, graphic design, magazines and newsletters, medical/health industry, programming, secretarial services, websites, transcription, white papers
  2. Editing
    We can proof, edit, or critique as light or as deep as you need with the basics as spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, consistency, conciseness, sentence structure, basic logic, and clarity. Articles, novels, short stories, poetry, blogs, fiction, nonfiction, etc.
  3. Web Design
    Authors especially often want a website to reflect their genre or style of writing or business. EditAlley specializes in custom services from artwork to layout to content, including SEO optimization.
  1. Styles
    APA/MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press, New York Times, Microsoft Manual of Style, etc.
  2. Writers & Students
    Academic writing, article writing, books: fiction and nonfiction, brochures, newsletters, poetry, screenplays, secretarial services, websites, etc.
  3. Software Development
    .NET, Agile, C++, HTML, JAVA, Visual Basic, and much more.
  1. Book Production
    Proofreading, copy editing, editing, layout, design, cover, publishing. Every aspect of book production our clients require.
  2. Social Media Management
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr, Goodreads. All the social media outlets are yours for the asking! We manage your social media to free up time to write.
  3. Graphic Design
    From hand painted art to digital production, EA offers a myriad of individual art and graphic production for you. Logos, web design, newsletter, brochure, reports, book cover art, and more.


New online workshops start in October 2017!
Schedule published soon on our BLOG .


Editing, proofing, transcription, websites, etc., are all specialized fields. While we cannot list every type of service here, we can offer some basic information to get your started.

We have individual rates as well as packages of services by the day, week, month, or year.
Our page rates are based on

~ the assumption of 250 words per page or per Word doc/docx pages
~ or by the page for large works or minor edits
~ the type of work you need
~ your deadline (express work costs more)

There are always unforeseen factors that we will discuss with you personally.

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Specials end Aug 31, 2017


Editors plan, review, and revise content for publication, but this process can be done at differing levels:
  • Proofreading is checking for minor errors like punctuation, spelling, etc;
  • Copyediting  focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, other mechanics of style, including consistency and accuracy of facts, repetitive and nuisance words;
  • Editing includes proofing and copyediting and delves deeper into your work, may rewrite sentences, charater consistency, plot problems, story structure, etc.

As a basis, EditAlley charges anywhere from 3 cents/word for proofreading to 10 cents/word for deep editing, and starts at $20/page for complicated form creation (US dollars). 

Some services may cost less some more.

Editing, websites, graphic design, programming, etc. are quoted on your first free consultation.

Check out our SERVICES page for more options such as weekly & monthly services.

Your work may require more or less work. To meet your individual needs, contact us for a
free consultation.
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"A goal is a dream with a deadline."
Since 2005, I and my team have been providing services to the world. While I am the sole proprietor of EditAlley, I have a network of freelance writers, editors, designers, programmers, and webmasters ready to work for you. And if we can't get it done, we can refer you to another professional service to meet your needs.

EditAlley's professional services specialize in fixing mistakes, beautifying language, creating stunning websites, proficient programs, and transforming drafts into literary masterpieces. We also mentor aspiring writers, teach writing workshops around the world, and promote writing and literary achievements online and in person.

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EditAlley@gmail.com  or call 1.469.314.4234 & 1.214.444.8916
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    CLASS: Generating Gorgeous Genre
    [OCT 9 - NOV 11] Don't fall for those tricky tricks and traps of genre writing that make your readers groan and moan. Grab their attention. See you at SavvyAuthors.com!
  6. DEC 11-23
    CLASS: World Building Wizardry
    Adding dearth and depth to your story through world building. Will your world stand the test of time? See you at SavvyAuthors.com!
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